Apila Ediciones are Edu and Raquel, two teachers of the Escuelas de Arte de Zaragoza and Superior de Diseño de Aragón that in 2007 we enlisted in an editorial adventure when we discover that this was the way to create bridges between the teaching of illustration, art and design and the wonderful world of children’s illustration.

Our bet is for the picture book and our commitment to take care of the plastic and literary quality to make books designed for children and enjoyed by both children and adults.

We like our books to catch kids in their stories and with their images and if, besides that, they serve to talk with them about topics such as friendship, values, the environment or the stripes of the Madagascar zebras we will go to bed happy and we will have sweet dreams.

We do some short stories. Other medium. Some even long.

We do stories for pre-reading children, for children who can read a little and for children who read very, very well.

We do many stories that cause smiles, a few to laugh out loud, there are those that make us to think, others scare …

… but each and every one of them are:

stories we would choose for our children

stories we would like to have had as children

stories, in short, to enjoy