Apila Award

From Apila Ediciones we are committed to illustrators who try to make their way in the world of children’s illustration. Therefore we created the award PREMIO APILA PRIMERA IMPRESIÓN in 2013, aimed at illustrators who still do not have any children’s picture book published with ISBN (except for self-publishing).

That way we want to give the professional opportunity to illustrators who deserve it for their talent and quality and boost their career with the publication of their first work.














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2013 Olga de Dios,   Monster Rosa







2014 Dàlia Adillon,  The Empeor´s new clothes







2015 Lidia Sarria,  Tigo y Tenta







2016 Canizales,  Pretty







2017 Marina Hernández, Superlucas








2018 María Isabel Correa, Hairy Harry







2019 Rodrigo Mattioli, A tree