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A Crocodile in My Pocket

Tina has a big, ferocious reptile in her pocket.
She also has a good friend, and together they have worked out a secret plan
that only requires one thing they both have plenty of: imagination.

Tina doesn’t stop to talk to anyone on the way to school. She has a crocodile in her pocket.
And that’s a very, very tricky business!
The teacher has asked them to bring their favourite animal to school,
but a classroom is not the right place for wild animals.
Tina and her friend Bastian will manage to make their favourite animals live and be happy
in their natural habitat with their imagination and some coloured pencils.

A funny and surprising story told with cheerful and suggestive illustrations.
Through Tina and Bastian’s friendship, we will learn about the power of imagination.
A story to discover that it is possible to think differently
and that it is worth thinking outside the box for a good cause.
A touching story that vindicates love for animals and respect for their freedom.


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Más información

Ilustrador: Pato Mena
Autor: Pato Mena

Autor e ilustrador: Pato Mena

ISBN: 978-84-17028-47-3

Páginas: 48
Tamaño: 23 x 19 cm
Tapa: Dura
Edad: A partir de 3 años
Idioma: inglés
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