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MOO Holiday

(Edición en inglés)

There once was a cow called Betty Sue,
who lived in a stable with a beautiful view.
Her life was peaceful, calm, and quiet…
but that was not all to it.
This is not just any old animal story,
but the tale of a travelling cow in all her glory.

A story about the adventure of traveling and the importance of living new experiences and leaving your comfort zone, even if you are a cow.

Available in Spanish.



Más información

Ilustrador: Anna Laura Cantone

Edición en inglés: 978-84-17028-51-0

Edición en castellano: 978-84-17028-50-3

Páginas: 48  26 x 24 cm
Tapa: dura
Edad: a partir de 3 años
Idioma: inglés
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