Premio Apila

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Snake has eaten too much today: breakfast, snack, lunch, tapas, two-course meal and dessert, snack… A story of surreal humor that contains many other short stories that tell us the stories of different characters before being swallowed by Snake. One by one, the different characters reach Snake’s stomach until the arrival of number 15 causes an unexpected ending.

Contains a fantastic dropdown.

Avaiable in Spanish.


Más información

Ilustrador: Edu Flores

Edición en inglés: 978-84-17028-67-1

Edición en castellano: 978-84-17028-63-3

Páginas: 54
Tamaño: 32 x 22 cm
Tapa: Dura
Edad: A partir de 5 años
Idioma: Inglés
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