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Three-Eyed Frog

(Edición en inglés)

Three-Eyed Frog grew up in a polluted place. She jumped up high to find out what was going on.
She soon discovered she wanted to change THINGS…
Will she manage on her own?
A story that gives us hope that we can find solutions in common.

Three-Eyed Frog is the third title in the Pink Monster Collection.

Available in Spanish.
Available in Galician.



Más información

Ilustrador: Olga de Dios

Autora e ilustradora: Olga de Dios
ISBN: 978-84-17028-21-3
Páginas: 44 25 x 23 cm
Tapa: dura
Edad: a partir de 3 años
Idioma: inglés
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