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What’s wrong with my coffee maker?

Florentino is a normal and quiet penguin, like any of us, but his coffee maker has had a complicated day…
The penguin’s coffee machine doesn’t seem to be working. Can it be fixed? Florentino the penguin will embark on a fantastic journey through his coffee machine in which he will meet funny and strange characters.
This is a crazy story. It stands out due to the somewhat absurd humor. A book you can enjoy reading and with its surprising characters, without the need to look for morals that give it meaning.

Available in Spanish

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Más información

Ilustrador: Gabriel Frugone

Edición en inglés: 978-84-17028-62-6

Edición en castellano: 978-84-17028-61-9


Páginas: 40  25 x 23 cm
Tapa: dura
Edad: a partir de 5 años
Idioma: inglés
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