Apila Ediciones is an editorial specialized in illustrated children's albums. We like the stories that make you laugh and the ones that make you cry. Those in which the things that happen could have happened to anyone. We like beautiful drawings and precise words. Stories that light a light inside children and awaken the child that we all have inside.

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  • Weird

    The new mansion in the city is looking for employees.Clement is a normal guy and he thinks that it will be easy for him to get a job there because all the other applicants seem very weird. But… appearances are deceitful. Who will get the job? A picture book that teaches us to value true identity and makes us think about what is weird and what is normal.

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  • The red scarf

    Felix had lost his treasured scarf in the park. It was long and red. Where can it be?

    Who has taken it? The Red Scarf is a picture book created to help to understand that change doesn’t mean loss. And that anything that has been made out of love will always remain with us. Even though our nearest and dearest may sometimes have to move away, they will eventually return transformed.

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  • Chester, el oso extraterrestre

    Chester is a very special bear . Es un oso extraterrestre. O tal vez no.
    A veces los demás nos sorprenden con costumbres extrañas.
    Pero eso no significa que no podamos ser amigos, los mejores amigos.

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  • Monster Rosa

    Monster Rosa is a story about the value of difference. A story to understand diversity as an enriching element of our society. Pink Monster is a shout out to freedom. This book was awarded the Apila Primera Impresión Award 2013 for best new author project, the Golden Pinwheel Award, (International Original Children’s Picture Book Award) CCBF-Shanghai Children’s Book Fair 2013 (China) and the Aurelio Blanco Award for the best project in the Applied Arts Family Book of the Community of Madrid.

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  • Yellow Bird


    A story about the value of sharing. Yellow Bird  invites ask us to take care of the planet in which we live and to set our ideas free for the sake of Humanity. Yellow Bird is the second title of Monster Rosa Collection.

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